Development of novel and nontraditional metallic materials and their deployment in industrial production are key factors in the long-term growth of the Czech industry. WBCMM will offer the following comprehensive and integrated services to industrial companies and research and educational organisations:

  • Custom research and development of new materials – from the literature and patent search through laboratory research to pilot production
  • Methodological know-how, expert reports
  • Upgrading, transfer of and innovation in technology
  • Computer and physical modelling of forming and heat treatment processes
  • Testing of materials across a wide range of temperatures and measurement of their mechanical, physical and thermal characteristics
  • Materials characterization, expert reports, consultancy
  • Conventional metallography, electron microscopy
  • Metal forming and metal cutting services
  • Training for graduate students and researchers, and development of professional qualification
  • Information services, consultancy
WBCMM is a research and development facility with a clearly defined profile. As a result, it brings together a number of scientific disciplines related to the use of metallic materials and facilitates their further development. It carries out research activities and links the research and development with education and innovation efforts. It maintains long-term strategic partnerships with leading foreign and domestic research organisations and industrial companies.