New equipment

  • Laboratory furnaces for small specimens
  • Universal hydraulic forming machine
  • Four-high rolling mill
  • Vacuum melting furnace

Laboratory instruments and equipment

  • Analyser for measuring gas content in metals
  • Laser flash analyser for determination of thermal conductivity
  • Microhardness tester
  • Metallographic sample preparation shop
  • Spectrometer for measurement of the chemical composition of metals
  • Optical inverted metallographic microscope
  • High-temperature dilatometer
  • High-temperature DSC calorimeter
  • Device for taking small specimens for “small punch test”

Testing machines

  • Tribometer – “pin on disc” tester
  • Universal electromechanical testing machine
  • Testing machine for high-rate deformation

Computer equipment

  • Computer hardware
    • Computing and graphic workstations for CAE systems
  • Software
    • DEFORM system for computer modelling of forming and heat treatment processes
    • Solid Edge, a CAD system
    • JMatPro software for computing the properties of materials